Back to School

Are you or your children headed back to school? This year my look different for many school attendees this year as guidelines and requirements are changing and evolving as media and governmental organizations stress that we need to obey at the drop of a hat. I’ll be vague but descriptive enough to not get reported or flagged as I feel I should be allowed to post my own opinions on my own website as I see fit.

There are many options to feed our brains and public school is not the only option or even necessarily the best option for all students. In an effort to keep my posts short enough to keep your attention I’ll leave it at that because we talk more in depth on the radio show and of course you can reach out to us via this post or by email for help in locating information you are seeking about this topic.

I am over 40 and heading to ASU for my last semester which will consist of my last 4 classes of my undergraduate degree online. I find College much more interesting and engaging this time around after about a 14 year time gap since my last college degree. The plandemic has made for plenty of discussion material max has been a go to for my assignments as I am studying Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Also the rise of zoom has been a great addition since I get to enjoy clubs and events remotely. I have even had meetings with instructors to clarify projects, get help choosing my internship, and extra curricular events.

As I near the end of my degree I started thinking I was so tired of school and ready to be done but after a refreshing break after my internship class I am excited to return. If I had the available funding I would not hesitate to get my Master’s degree. So if you need someone to spend about $10-$15k on message me. Just throwing that out there to the universe because the world works in mysterious ways. I want to earn a large enough salary to enjoy a comfortable retirement and I am not afraid of hard work or long hours, I just need to find the right career that fulfills me and utilizes my wealth of knowledge.

So we need to be prepared to change gears and make our plans flexible as this school year begins because we do not know what the governmental organizations or school systems have in store for us as we head full speed into cold and flu / holiday season and mandates get announced. Remember that now is the time to get your family plans nailed down and allow for the worst case scenario whatever that looks like for you and your family… then come up with back up plans for your most basic needs of water, food, shelter, and overall survival.

We are not all gloom and doom and I do not want to end of a negative note but want you to be aware of your changing environment and ability to adapt. Hopefully all goes well and we make it to 2022 in better shape financially, physically, and mentally.

Remember to tune into the show Monday’s at 5:30pm MST where we go in more depth with our topics. Also, please take a moment to comment and share your thoughts with us about our content.

Christie Rose Yielding , Host of Mental Acumen Radio and Health Coach

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