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As many of you know I am attending Arizona State University Online and I am working on my second bachelor’s in Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I am currently taking two classes and one of them is about communication and managing conflict. This is the short version of what brings me to the topic for this blog entry. Conflict is an inevitable part of life and seems to happen more often in our closer relationships such as immediate family members such as children and spouses. We have been working on discussions in this class and it seems that if you are in a relationship then it does not take long to come up with a conflict that was recent or reoccurring.

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The six year milestone of the two of us meeting is quickly approaching and it is a time of reflection and an opportunity to acknowledge the relationship progress. Those of you that have been listening since we started the show have been privy to some of the banter shared between the two of us. Anyway, Donald says it all the time that people need people and that family is important. I have not always believed this because I come from a long history of close personal relationships with extremely poor communication and that has lead to a lot of conflict exposure and participation in my lifetime. In fact, my children have both completely stopped talking to me because they never developed healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. I take responsibility for my role, but as they are both adults I realize that it is their responsibility to learn and grow and independent women.

Due to all of this conflict and poor communication skills I am missing out on my grandchildren growing up as I have not seen them in almost a year. So I want to encourage everyone reading this blog post to learn how to effectively communicate and use appropriate conflict management skills to improve the close personal relationships with loved ones as we are never promised tomorrow. I always thought that I would get to enjoy my children and grandchildren until I passed away and never imagined that I would have to endure this great loss every single day of hoping and praying they will call or text. When I had my surgery and begged my younger daughter to come help me for even a couple of days and she refused I realized that I need to improve my communication skills. I realize that even if one person has great communication skills it may not repair the relationship, but it is a good healthy place to start.

Also, as Donald and I close in on six years we work to improve our communication all the time. It helps that he is very open and honest about his feelings and will not hesitate too long to let me know if he feels underappreciated or alone. Struggle is inevitable and life will be filled with hurdles and blessings dispersed throughout our lives. Just make sure that you are stopping to do that introspective work and that you are letting loved ones know that you love and appreciate them while they are communicating and open to listening because we are not promised tomorrow.

Thanks for reading this post and for listening to our radio show. Remember to tune in LIVE tomorrow (Monday) at 5:30pm MST and we welcome callers on the air if you want to share what is important to you.

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