Connections and Companionship

We are talking about what divides people in our upcoming show tomorrow as possibly part of a new series. I want to start with mentioning that it is more important than ever to foster healthy connections and companionship with loved ones in our unbelievably disconnected world. This piggy backs off of my blog from last week that people need people. We need to feel loved and accepted by others.

As the world around us has evolved so quickly into a socially disconnected environment where remote working and learning is our new way of like. This leaves many people coupes up inside their homes cut off from daily social interactions especially if they employ delivery services and find little reason or motivation to leave the house. I think we need more face to face interactions. When we communicate face to face we get to see body language, reactions in different environments, and even get to experience spontaneous conversations and emotions. I think this helps us learn about others, our environment, and learn to adapt on the fly.

When we are behind a screen we miss out on so much of the personal connection and this can leave us wanting or feelings of isolation. This potentially could have negative effects on our mental health as we adjust to these feelings of isolation and loneliness. We all desire companionship with others to share our feelings and thoughts with on a regular basis which helps foster healthy relationships.

I don’t only refer to partnerships but all intimate relationships such as friends, coworkers, and family. It is important to flex our relationship muscles and interact with people in face to face situations on a regular basis. If you struggle with this then make a plan to connect more, get out of your comfort zone, and take baby steps while you take pride in each accomplishment along the way. Some examples are talking to your neighbor, delivery person, or cashier and then go from there. Keep it simple and brief until you gain the courage to have a sit down deep discussion with someone.

But don’t take my word for this! Evaluate your situation and feelings and decide if and when you even want or change this part of your life.

Join us tomorrow on the show and call to chat LIVE ON AIR.

Christie Rose

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